upset over Unionbank EON’s TXN Password

I’m just upset right now. I’m upset over Unionbank EON’s Reset TXN (Transaction) Password feature. This is a new security feature of Unionbank whenever I’d try to log in to my online account to check my funds online.

As what was stated in my previous entry, I couldn’t get passed the Change Transaction Password page wherein it’s asking me to enter my current password and type in a new one.

Again, I can’t change my transaction password because I DON’T know what my TRANSACTION password is!!!

I already called Unionbank in some of the branches here in Cebu and they told me that they can only email the internet security team to reset my password. To be fair, Unionbank’s internet Security team was quick in replying stating that they’ve sent a RESET for my current transaction password and that I just have to go to the “My Account” option to change it. Here’s the copy of the email that I received:

Subject: Transaction Password Reset Procedure
From: “internetsecurity”

Please be advised that your transaction password has been reset. You will be asked to nominate a new transaction password. Please follow the following procedure:

1.) Login online using your USER ID and ATM PIN as your Login password.

2.) Upon successful login – check out the alert “RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD NOW”

3.) Go to “MY PROFILE” then, on the left side click “RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD”

4.) Upon clicking the “RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD” the system will prompt a confirmation

5.) Upon confirmation, the system will prompt you the default password – it will be the last or first 10 digits of your ATM card number. Please make sure that the new password you are going to nominate is different from your old password.

6.) The system will prompt you for a successful “password change”



Now the only problem is I still can’t get passed that “Change Transaction Password” page, there’s NO option for me to go to that page.

I called the customer service hotline (1-800-1888-2277) of UnionBank since the different branches here in Cebu couldn’t do much. A customer service rep named “Mark” answered the phone and after going through the whole explanation again, he informed me that he was going to send an email to reset the password. That’s when I had to reiterate that there’s NO PROBLEM WITH THE PASSWORD. The problem is I CAN’T get passed the screen already to go to the “My Accounts” tab.

He told me to just expect a response to the email that I provided him within 24 hours but up to now (3 days), I haven’t received any response. I’m afraid I’d have to call back again and explain… AGAIN.

Notice that I wrote some of my words in caps and I don’t care as much anymore because I’m just upset over the hassle that this has caused me. Somebody at Unionbank, please answer and fix this problem! I wish I could go to some Las Vegas Shows.

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  1. This is happening to me now…very confusing and taxing…

    the stupid support agent over the phone did the same thing that happened to you…

    argh, why they can be sooo stupid… 🙁

    At least train their support agents well 🙁
    .-= mongobread´s last blog ..Blogging at December 1, 2009 =-.

  2. may tga unionbank sm city cebu branch na nag ngangaln na eugene cuesta and tinanong ko kung bat hindi ako makapasok sa log in sa eon login pinagtatasan ba naman ako ng boses saan ko kaya pwede i reklamo ang taong ito..


    “INVALID TXN PASSWORD” Familiar with this?

    they fucking really need to check out their system B-I-G -T-I-M-E!!! as

  4. Hi Everyone,

    I’m sorry for the confusion and trouble this has brought you and thank you for bringing this up, I hope I can be able to explain well the purpose of transaction password to all of you.

    The transaction password is the one you elect during your first login session in Online Banking. This is a special feature added to protect your account from being debited without your permission. The transaction password is prompted everytime you make a transaction with your account using Online Banking (whether it be Bills Payment or Funds Transfer).

    Whether you use the Online Banking Facility or not, the transaction password will automatically reset after 180 days. In the event that you no longer remember the transaction password that you’ve previously elected, you may want to call our customer service at 841-8600 to request for a reset. .

    If there’s anything else I can help you with please do not hesitate to inform me. You can post on our wall or you can follow us on twitter @unionbankph.
    I hope you would continue to patronize our products.:)

    Thank you!

    UnionBank of the Philippines

  5. 5.) Upon confirmation, the system will prompt you the default password – it will be the last or first 10 digits of your ATM card number. Please make sure that the new password you are going to nominate is different from your old password.

    Unionbank wont accept either the first or last ten digits of the ATM card number as the default password and the website’s help link is not of any help at al! i set my new password a minimum o f 6 and max of 10 characters but still the same. and now i cant even login to my account using the same credentials, telling me that either my username or pin is wrong when they’re both correct. can somebody explain this?

  6. Hahai..sumakit talaga ulo ko sa transaction password nato…Wala naman to dati..

    Meron sila inilagay na ganito:

    We have added a new feature to our internet banking facility… the Transaction Password. The transaction password is an additional security feature of our facility. You can set up your transaction password now.

    Kaso walang set up button,..pano tao makakaset up ng transaction password kung walang set up button???..mga tanga ba sila?…

    Sorry sa mga nasabi ko..kakainis lang talaga. Ilang ulit ko talagang inisip kun meron ba talagan akong transaction password pero kahit anong ulet wala talaga akong matatandaan..walang wala kasi wala naman talaga…

    pasensya na..


  7. I got the same problem. I couldn’t remember any tx password. but somehow along the way, i remember the web asking me for a tx password but it was totally unusable during that time. I played with some combinations that i might have used as a password and it worked.

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  9. Ed Earns – kailangan maremember mo yung unang password mo na nilagay nung nag-aaply kapang ng Online EON. Kung alam mo na start ka, Password:(datin_password), New Password:(log mo bago), Retype Password: (ulitin) and that’s it. ok na!! no need to call CS-8418600 kapg di mo naman remember call mo nlang to reset ok?
    Mr. Millionaire – check Ed Erans comments on top.
    mongobread – well much better go to bank na pinag openan mo ng card ok?
    skreech – well, kaunting usapan lang yan, madadaan sa maayos na paliwanagan.
    sweet.rockdoll – well much better go to bank na pinag openan mo ng card ok? CSupport is really bugging.
    Donnie – FUCK FUCK FUCK UNIONBANK!!!!!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!! YOU REALLY CAN’T CHANGE TRANSACTION PASSWORD…….. !! well eto masasabi ko sayo. Dont blame them ok, ganito gawin mo, punta ka bangko na pinagopenan mo nyan and thats it, reset online ok na. 1day lang. INVALID TXN PASSWORD –> is good for security kaya wag nyo eto iblame.
    Ed Earns – @donnie: they need to change their system. unfortunately, it’s slow. — Its working fine mabagal lang cguro ISP provider mo. Used globe wired, ok or other wired system. Wireless sucks!
    Grace – ok yan, keep it up.
    enad – follow steps from Ed Earns comments to the top.
    Rexaniel – check comment from Ed Earns, dapat kasi tinatago nyo mga importante files d-yung nakakalat lang. hmmp/
    Raisa – tulad din yan ng nangyari sa akin naalala ko yung password na dati kung nilagay sa EON Online Registration.
    UnionBank of the Philippines — KEEP IT UP!!

  10. thanks for the comment ruel. I actually have my Unionbank account deactivated already since I already have a CC and I can withdraw funds using my savings account. Thanks for the help guys. 🙂

  11. I also have the same problem..ive been hacking my brain for any passwords that I registered at Unionbank Eon and all i could remember was the PIN for the log in that i changed..I dont recall ever changing any TRANSACTION PASSWORDS..just defeats the purpose of online banking, doesn’t it?

    I’m not sure if i should ask the accountants at Unionbank about this problem because the last time I asked Unionbank regarding linking my card with alertpay, they just said “eon card is just our product, we only promote paypal for those online entrepreneurs, I am not aware if it can be linked with alertpay, we are only concerned regarding those hu inquire regarding papypal and eon card” … (O.o) she cud’ve just said “i dunno about alertpay”

    sigh..i better just go to the bank and do a manual wire transfer…i already exhausted my TRIES at the TRANSACTION PASSWORD..ONE MORE AND I’M BLOCKED!!! I dont even know if i should try reseting my password in my eon profile…geezzz..for 21st century banking, this sure feels like the stone age (-.-)

    OH WAIT!!! Ive got chicken pox!!! and i have to do a bank transaction…TODAY!!!… MWAHAHAHHAHA!! il be spreading MY DISEASE!!!! ugh…dilemma dilemma dilemma

  12. We make mistakes sometimes, but people hardly admit it. This problem happens to me and I call the customer service and they made a good job, I also confirm my email address just to know that they will send it to the right address. Also, people do shortcuts they don’t read, the terms and conditions is very important all the things are there including the transaction password. Its only valid for a number of days so you need to change it.

    TXT password is different from your 4 digit atm pin.. don’t blame the union bank online system if you cannot remember the password you set on the first time you enroll to eon online banking.. your 4 digit atm pin is used to log-in to the system and TXN password is only asked when you do online transactions such as bills payment, bank to bank transfer, etc…

    thanks to union bank… it is very helpful especially now i am out of the country. i can now pay my bills online thru union bank cyber account without hassle. before, i send money to my dad to pay my bills which is time consuming. now i can pay my bills in just a minute thru my union bank cyber account.. keep up the good work!

  14. In my opinion, Union Bank committed a violation of making their system friendly to user. In fact, one proof to that will the use of the word TXN. Txn actually is not a standard layman’s term. With that said, normal people cannot perceive this alert properly. Further, we must understand that if our clients protest over us then there must be something wrong and we must look over it. Do not expect your end-user to remember a transaction number you didn’t even require them at first to do.

    At the same time, security and convenience must be balanced in any system design. Do not perceive one more important over the other. Yes, it is true that security is important on online commerce or any banking transaction. And security is needed to deliver satisfaction to client by improving their confidence over the system. But then, taking in consideration the design of Union Bank Security, they may have improved their security but then, in my opinion failed to deliver satisfaction to their users.

    I think Union Bank must look over this issue taking in consideration not only improving security but also their client satisfaction.

  15. I was trying to enroll in the online banking of Unionbank and after filling up and submitted the enrollment form it says “Invalid 3rd party account”, I’ve submitted it many times but still the same notification appears. And so what i did is I tried to go back from the beginning and fill in another form again, now after submitting “AGAIN” my form it say’s “INVALID DATE”. And its giving me a headache its really a BIG BIG BIG Hastle for your costumer. What is wrong with your system?


    1.Send a request to with the ff details:

    Account Name:

    Account Number:

    Card Number:

    Birth date:

    Contact Number:

    Home Address:

    Employment Address:

    Email Address:

    User ID:

    2. Wait for 2-3 banking days.

    3. When you received an email from union bank, do these steps:

    go to -> eon cyber account log in -> profile -> reset transaction password

    NOTE: the default password will be the last 10 digits of your CARD NUMBER (they will require you to change it)

    4. put the default password on the PASSWORD section and not on the RE-ENTER new password.

    (common mistake made by many and union bank should make that field CLEAR)

    5. You can set up your transaction password now. When setting it up, please remember the following:

    * Your password cannot consist of all the characters in your USERNAME. For example, if your USERNAME is “Bob”, then your PASSWORD cannot be “Bobby”.
    * Your password cannot contain any spaces
    * Your Password should contain a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 10 characters .
    * Your new password cannot be the same as any of your 4 previous password(s)

    6. The transaction password will expire in 180 days and will automatically reset.

  17. I am having this problem right now. My card expired and I’m currently in Thailand so I can’t renew it. I can’t use it right now to withdraw money.

    Good thing that online banking is still working on my account. The problem is, my transaction password has expired. I can’t transfer money to other bank account. Crap.

    I already email their Customer Service. I hope that UnionBank’s customer service is good. That’s all I can hope for.

  18. same here.. just encountered this right now. it’s good but the deliberation is not.. how could I set a new password without knowing my trans. password. I inquire my accounts last month for my paypal, and its ok. i just login my username and pin password.. but now .. its happening. whats wrong.. .

  19. The Unionbank login has basic bugs to begin with… it says you can login using your card number, tapos di pala, may prompt that will tell u to login using your account name instead. okay, fine no sweat!

    When I finally get in, there’s this security feature I’m not aware about, a password change is simple enough to do, but when this prompt showed up INVALID TXN PASSWORD- I was definitely stumped. What the HELL is a TXN? Its not so simple to decipher as OMFG… okay must be some banking jargon they forgot to remind customers of. If I didn’t go to this blog, I wouldn’t have known that TXN simply meant the very first password I used to login/enroll my unionbank account online. There wasn’t any NOTICE on the page explaining what the hell it was. Lucky for me, I do keep tabs of my passwords and I didn’t have to go through their customer service.

    Unionbank has to do something to make their services work for its banking customers instead of shrugging things aside and passing us off to some 3rd party customer service who doesn’t seem to grasp the sense of urgency and anxiety people have, when money is involved.

    There is an obvious gap between their marketing department and their tech department or to whomever they possibly outsourced to design and create their banking system. Their is no long term planning involved, are these guys just patching up the bugs in their system as the problems pile up? Even basic bugs like being kept “log-in” in the account is a problem. I’ve notice if the server can’t process my transactions, it issues an apology prompt that what I want is unavailable and I have to login into system again. Its a piss-poor system and obviously someone made big money off with this programming project and left it in the rut or in the hands of whoever is at Unionbank and I’m very disappointed that the first post regarding this TXN problem dates back 2008.

    Wouldn’t it be better for Unionbank to spend money to fix these bugs and make the site more user-friendly? Rather than ignoring it completely? Or just simply put a message on the site explaining what we need to do to bypass all these infuriarting BUGs?

    Kudos 2 Ed Earns’ blog for providing answers to my banking problem which Unionbank can’t seem to get around to 🙂

  20. tupangina! , unang log in ko OK naman tapos hiningi na ang para sa pangalawa at bagong password, epic fail ang mga hinayupak invalid TXN password? shit ano yun? try ako ng try tapos biglang nagerror! sa inis ko kung ano ano na ang nilagay kong password at biglang pumasok! di ko tuloy naayos ang password ko shit kayo UNIONBANK pag naexpire na acc. ko lilipat nako

  21. I would recommend the suggestion of Ruel: “kailangan maremember mo yung unang password mo na nilagay nung nag-aaply kapang ng Online EON. Kung alam mo na start ka, Password:(datin_password), New Password:(log mo bago), Retype Password: (ulitin) and that’s it. ok na!! no need to call CS-8418600 kapg di mo naman remember call mo nlang to reset ok?”

    It works to me. Thanks to Ruel.

  22. mga pre, kailangan lang talaga maalala ung password na unang nilagay nu nung bagong gawa lng ng account kc un din ginawa ko sinubukan ko lhat ng password ko dati tapos un nakapasok n agad at napalitan n ng password. para maniwala kau n may nilagay kau n password nung nagcr8 kayo, try nu ulit gumawa ng bago account hihingian kayo ng pass.

  23. Hi! I tried contacting the unionbankph’s customer service via email as drifting888 has mentioned but could not seem to get through the “Please Input Primary Address” error. I have inputted my address on the address line 1 and filled up the remaining fields but still get this error.

    What I notice is that the ADDRESS LINE 1 and the CITY fields are highlighted. What might be wrong with my input? Can somebody help?

  24. i just called the Customer Service but it says “The number you dialed is not yet i service.” What should I do, I can’t wait 2-3 days for their reply.. Union bank in my place is far from where I am right now. i also tweet them via their twitter account but nothing happened..HELP PLS….

  25. It’s happening again! Avril Lavigne and I are wondering about the same thing, Why do they have to make things so complicated?! tsk tsk… lolz

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