Offline Opportunity

So far, I’ve put myself into a routine with my online job that I’m focused on working more hours in order to earn more. My route has been home-café-home on most weekdays and things are seemingly okay. I’m just glad that desperation motivates me to work harder to reach the deadline on time. I’m also trying to get my blogging altogether, too.

Though I’ve been spending more than the usual, I’m also doing work done to compensate what I buy inside the coffee shop. I just also need to make sure that I get some work done!

cafe office
my office for how many days

Only there’s a new opportunity that’s popped up which is pretty exciting cause this came out of the blue. I’m planning to get it as it’s a temporary job where I get to engage myself with people. I like talking to different people and I hope everything will push through since this is going to be a great experience. To be with people and to spend it as if I’m on a vacation.

This will be an offline activity and this is going to eat up my time in the upcoming month, but given the duration of the work, it’s something to look forward to. Plus, this is going to be a great addition to my work. I’ll probably have to juggle but I’ll handle things accordingly. I just hope to have fun on days-off.

Earning Online and Buying Stuff

I remember three years ago when I was browsing through online opportunities where I could earn extra income. I came across different job marketplaces where employers were looking for skilled workers to work on a number of their websites. I didn’t realize that it was the start of my branching out from blogging to freelance work.

I stumbled upon a nurse’s (yes, a nurse who did sideline jobs) profile in and came in contact with her after I found her photo inside a car that she bought through her earnings online. I was amazed!

I was working in a Business Process Outsourcing company back then and I kept looking for jobs that I could do apart from my full-time work. I was able to do so because of blogging. Because of the skills that I’ve acquired, I’m able to transition to a life where I can bring my work wherever so long as I have the internet.

It’s funny how things have become; how much change has happened because of continuing to develop my skills. I found out that the nurse is now in London and is now focusing on her profession. It’s nice to know that she’s doing well. But I can still remember how she bought her own car from her earnings online. It made me wonder if I can also buy my own wheels one of these days. I won’t have to worry about fuel as I can always use a bp fuel card from At least that’s just one of the few things I can invest on.

Photobucket Photobucket

I know that I’m able to buy things for myself out of my blog and my online gigs; I bought a digital SLR camera, a laptop, and travelled at the same. However, it’s time to dream big! Maybe soon, I’ll be able to get a house too.

Online Business Groove

I’m trying to get my online business groove back as I’ve been slacking off for the past month. Just because I had the time of my life the previous moments, it should’ve pushed me all the more to strive harder in getting my online gigs done fast.

I guess I was just too preoccupied with a lot of things that I found it a challenge to get into a routine and find work that would allow me to be flexible. When it finally came, I was too much of a lazy guy to even act on the tasks right away.

online groove

This time will be different and I want to psyche myself up that I will be a better person and make sure that I’ll set my goals straight and do things the way they should be done.

I promise to focus on working on my tasks so I will have something to save during the rainy days. It’s time to work and it’s time to finally get the ball rolling! I am inspired so I should also do my part to make these inspirations work for me.

Paying my Debts before My Backpacking Trip

It took me a long time before I embarked on a journey in Southeast Asia. I was working in a contact center and although I had an above-average job, I wanted more out from life. I decided that I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a digital nomad so I can go wherever my feet will take me and still bring my work with me so I’ll still have a monthly income along the way. That dream has been made to reality.

One of the things that I was so worried about was having to pay all my debts. I wanted to settle all my loans and other account payables because I didn’t want to quit my job and worry about cash later on.


So I listed all my expenses on a monthly basis as well as the amount of money I owed to different banks. It felt good to know how much I was spending on unnecessary items and that made me cut down on costs.

I was able to find good blogging opportunities and slowly paid off my credit card bills. This went on for about three months until I was able to settle almost everything off that even if somebody will go and check my credit report, my name will still be in good standing.


Because of the recent opportunities that came my way, I was able to resign from my job sooner than I thought. Supposedly, I was going to quit by July but I went on my backpacking trip by February. This was a good time for me to pursue my dreams!

I hope to have more avenues of income so I may be able to get out of the budget lifestyle and have a more comfortable way of travelling. Wishing that everything will push through.


Road Trip Dreams

I’ve always wanted to buy my own car. I just hadn’t saved enough money for it. The reason is because I want to use the money that I have for travelling. Even so, it would be great to just hop on my set of wheels, bring a friend along and go on a great road trip adventure out of town.

I guess I like those spontaneous decisions that don’t require a lot of thinking cause I know that these are moments that last the most. Going on a road trip remains to be a dream for now as I’m conquering other parts of Asia on foot.

Speaking of road trips and cars, I remember how I was so motivated to work online and try different businesses because of somebody posting her photo buying her own car using her online earnings. It was a second-hand vehicle but it’s still a car and she’s a girl and at a young age, she saved enough money for her own set of wheels!

siem reap tuktuk

I was really driven to succeed that I searched for car insurance quotes just to get me going and save my own money to get my own car. Seeing that photo was enough to make me realize that I could also buy one for myself. Only now, my priorities have changed.

I’m focused on living a digital nomad’s lifestyle and I’ve already stayed in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for a month. I’ll just find a way to multiply my earnings to finally get at least a bike or so in order to exercise more often. I hope I can influence more people to head out into the open.

Migrated All My Sites

I finally migrated all my sites to one hosting account! After how many months, I transferred all the content to one server.

This was because of a recent update that I did to one of my websites and some malicious attacks that I had to move all my files to my existing account. I had about 3 hosting service providers before and I was too lazy to transfer them one by one just because I thought I didn’t have time and that I thought the task was too tedious to do. But then when you’re forced, you can’t do anything but prioritize them first.

Since most of my sites are earning some form of income regardless of how little they may be, I had to focus on getting them back up and running.

Now I don’t have to pay double for hosting packages or worry about maintenance in different companies. This was something I kept procrastinating on but I’m really glad to have settled this once and for all.

Transferring Funds from Bank to Bank with EON

In my quest to lessen unnecessary expenses, I had been thinking on what I’m going to do in order to cut those Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) costs from bank to bank.

I’m planning to backpack in the long run for the long term but I still need to give my share of contributions at home. I’ve been wondering how I was going to go about paying for the these monthly bills without having to spend for the transfer. I thought about Western Union and other Money Transfer Services but that would be too costly especially when you do it on a monthly basis. As for transferring from bank to bank, the normal cost would be about 5 USD per transfer which is another expense (60USD per year).

Then I thought about accumulating at least 6 months worth of contributions and then give it in bulk to my brother (who’ll handle the house expenses) but then the risk is high. Besides, I don’t have that much money.

While thinking about other options, something hit me one fine morning. I have a BDO Payroll account and I used to have a Cash Card account where I could transfer funds from my Payroll one without any extra charges. The only thing is how I’m going to do that with my Unionbank EON Account (where I withdraw funds from PayPal).

I called Unionbank and wondered if they have another Cash Card option or any other service. A Regular Savings account would cost me 10,000 Php to maintain so that’s out of the question. Then the rep informed me that I could still set up another EON account at 350 Php per year and use that to transfer funds. I was happy that this was an available option but when the rep told me I could simply transfer money from my EON to any Unionbank account, I was ecstatic because my younger brother has Unionbank as their Payroll company where he’s currently working!

I could simply add his account through my Internet Banking access and forward some funds to him every month without any extra charges!

I still yet have to test if this facility works but this really made my day! Ah, the things that Freelancers have to worry about to cut on costs. It’s been awhile since I’ve carried this in my head and now there’s finally a solution.

Influencing People

I went to our office pantry the other day in order to get coffee and somebody came up to me to talk about blogging. I remember that he emailed me a couple of years ago and asked me a few questions about how to start a blog and how to earn online.

I wasn’t able to give a lot of details as I just referred him to this site but it seemed it was already enough for him to start his own site and learn about earning.

I didn’t realize during our conversation when he asked me how much I’m averaging on a monthly basis. He mentioned that currently, he’s been earning about 250 USD a month since he started this sideline. I was surprised at the progress that only after a few years, he is able to make money online. This makes me happy that somehow, the information I provide online is valuable to other people. Even I’m not getting as much when it comes to paid advertisements in my other blogs. I wish him well and I hope he does better.

Being an influence to other people make me appreciate the fact that there’s value in what I do. I don’t know who else reads this site but I’m just happy to have helped somebody in the process.

On Paid Posts

I’ve had my fair share of earning money online by writing about paid posts wherein Advertisers would place their links in my blog entry and I would earn a few dollars per article. It’s nice because the logic I’ve thought about before was that so long as I write about a particular product and earn 5 USD per website, if I had 5 websites, I’d earn 25 USD!

This is already big money considering that I used to blog for blogging sake. But as time passed, I’ve started choosing the type of paid posts that I wanted to write about. I stopped writing about Adult content, Medical-related ones too. But these are more on my main travel blog site. Most of my other web sites now are just small

Paid Post Sites,,, — just to name a few. Currently I only rely on one which is as I don’t have opportunities anymore with other sites. SocialSpark was really good when it first started but when the 2.0 version was released, I lost other opportunities. Oh well, earning over a thousand bucks off that was already good enough for me.

Then there are those scams such as which I still need to get about 150 USD worth of opportunities. I let it go and removed all the articles I’ve written about them since it got me all stressed out especially when I expected a payout.

I was wondering if there are other sites out there who have, more or less, the same concept.

Then I was introduced to I tried it out when I got opportunities from Advertisers to place their links on my sidebar in my travel blog for a monthly fee. Gladly, this is not a scam after all. They also have a Buy Blog Post feature wherein you can also write a review with the Advertisers condition. I got my first payment some time last month so it’s something I’m happy about.

If you want to sign up for an account, you can help me out with by clicking on the picture as it contains a referral link from me which will give me a small amount in exchange for also getting to earn online.

Referral Link: here

Paid posts are really nice but I’m very wary in making sure I keep the quality and the type of links displayed to a minimum, or else I’ll lose my rankings in the game which will lead to NO opps at all.

More Avenues of Income

I was talking to a colleague during lunch on how he was able to invest his money on mutual funds and he tracks them online. “The money’s good so far”, he says. He seems to be pretty happy with his current job since he gets to own his time without having to worry about climbing the corporate ladder just to have a higher salary.

True enough it’s not really about the amount of money that you earn. It’s more on how much you save. You don’t need a high-paying job in order to start saving. Although it would be nice if you did, what matters most is that you get to spend within your means.

looking for other streams of business online

Going back to Exchange Traded Funds, I’ve been meaning to learn more about all this type of business. As I transition to a digital nomad’s life, I need to have more avenues of income in order to maximize the situation and to make sure that I won’t depend on one source. Purchasing private equity stocks  seem to be a good idea to invest some money on. But as what I was advised, it should be money that you’re willing to let go.

Still, it’s the thought of having other sources of income is what entices me.

Having multiple streams of revenue will make you more stable because you can rely on other things. I plan to meet up with him when my mind is a little clearer as right now, I’m swamped with so many activities that I need to take a break until I can lessen some of my load off.

On top of this, I plan to invest on other strategies in the process as I say goodbye to the corporate environment.